Replacing a Projector Lamp

After a period of prolonged usage you will eventually find that you will need to replace the projector lamp. When you have purchased a replacement lamp this guide will show you how you go about replacing the lamp for your projector. We recommend this task is carried out by 2 people for safety and will require an Allen Key Screwdriver as well as a Flathead Screwdriver or similar tool.

Preparing Frame



Camera Cabling

Once you have access to the components compartment, you will see a lot of cables, components and connectors housed within. Before we can drop the projector out of the frame to fit the new lamp we will need to disconnect the cables that connect the camera, which is attached to the same plate as the projector, from the capture card which transmits the video signal to the computer housed below the compartment. There will be 2 connections here we need to disconnect. The first is the BNC connector that connects the Yellow RCA connector of the capture card and the green (or Black on older systems) connection that is coming from the camera.

The second connection to disconnect will be the connection from the 12v Power Supply that is plugged into the 4-way extension at the back of the frame. that power cable should be running to a Red Female connector that then provides the camera with power. Ensure both of these connections are disconnected before proceeding to the next stage. See the image below for a diagram of how the connectors should appear within the system:




Projector Cabling

Once those 2 connections have been disconnected, you will now need to disconnect the 2 cables that are running into the projector i.e. Video Cable (HDMI or VGA) and the Red Power cable. To access the connections you have to crouch and look underneath the bottom of the projector. Depending on the age of the system you will either have a VGA cable (Older Systems) or an HDMI cable delivering the video signal to the projector. As well as the red cable that is transmitting power to the projector. To disconnect the video cable simply undo the 2 bolts (If VGA) or just pull lightly (HDMI) and then disconnect the cable from the projector.


The Power cable is slightly trickier to disconnect. The cable used utilises a locking mechanism to keep it secure. This is by design in order to prevent the power cable being accidentally pulled out. In order to release the lock, you will likely need a flat head screwdriver or something with a flat edge like a knife.


IEC.jpg    IEC2.jpg

IEC3.jpg     IEC4.jpg

Once both connections have been disconnected we are now able to lower the projector from its Housing.

Accessing the Projector

The projector is mounted into the main body of the Magic Carpet frame, in order to access it we will need to now drop the projector on the plate it is mounted on so we can access the lamp housing.


Ensure the projector is raised to its maximum height again. Once completed this is the section that will require 2 people to complete. The first person will need to holt the bottom of the projector/plate While the second person undoes the 4 bolts holding the plate in place. As the bolts are released the plate holding the projector plate will begin to release so the first person must ensure they are ready to take the weight of the projector once the last bolt is released.

Once this is done you will now be able to lower the plate from the housing far enough down so that you can access the lamp housing. The position is indicated in the diagram above.


Once you have enough clrearing you will be able to access the lamp housing simply by pressing down on the thin strip below the housing and then prying the top open with a gentle amount of pressure.


Lamp_Strip.jpg LampPanel.jpg



Once You have gained access to the lamp housing you will need to undo 2 Screws in order to release the lamp. The 2 screws in question are indicated by arrows pointed directly at the screws. See image below:


Once those 2 screws are undone you will be able to release the old lamp and remove it by lifting and then pulling on the metal wire handle in the centre of the image as shown above. Once removed you can now proceed with installing the new lamp you have purchased into the housing ensuring that the screws line up in the same orientation as the original lamp we have just removed. Once this has been completed you can then screw the 2 bolts we removed above into the new lamp in order to hold it in place and then replace the Panel that covered the housing.

After this is done it is then just a case of reversing the entire process to remount the projector plate by sliding the projector plate back up into the frame (As you do this remember to feed the cables coming from the camera back through to the components compartment on the other side) and then holding the plate in place while somebody bolts the 4 Allen Key screws that held the projector plate back in place. Once all 4 have been tightened you can then proceed to reconnect the cables and connections we disconnected to start the process.

When these have all been done you can turn the system back on and Test it is working. If done correctly the projector should now be able to power on and you can return to using your system as normal. If you experience any difficulty with this and or require some assistance please contact our support team and we will be able to advise further.

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