Cleaning Projector Air Filters

As part of the general upkeep of your Magic Carpet system, you will need to occasionally clean the air filters that are located on the projector. You may have received a warning message already prompting you that your filters are due a cleaning. To do this simply raise your system to its maximum height. This will give you enough room to access the bottom of the projector.



The Filter is located on the Bottom Edge of the Projector towards the left end side as you stand in front of the System. Directly below the Power button and the indicator lights. See the above image.

From this angle, as you crouch underneath the projector, you will see where the filter slides out indicated by the rectangular cut out shown below:




Using a finger you can then lightly pull on this cut out which will cause the filter to slideout of the projector as shown below:



Once completely out you can then remove the filter and clean this out over a bin or prepared area.



Once this is done you may restore the filter to its original housing. In order to set the projector to prompt you when the filters will need to be cleaned again, feel free to now access the projector settings Menu using the projector remote. To do this navigate to the Options TAB (4th area along the top) and scroll down to Filter Settings.



From within the Filter Settings Menu, you can now reset the Filter Reminder using the third option shown below. Or alternatively if you found that the filters were still clean when checked despite the Reminder prompting you to clean them, then feel free to increase the default amount of time between reminders using the second option.


Once you have done this you can now press the Menu button again to remove the menu and continue to use the system as normal.

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