Troubleshooting Playlists / Schedules


If you have created a playlist and then set that playlist to run at a certain time within the schedule then the system should automatically start the Playlist when the time comes. Please follow this guide for instructions on how to create a Playlist/Schedule. If however after doing this, the schedule does not trigger the apps to start at the time set, this Guide will go through some common troubleshooting steps for diagnosing what could be stopping the playlist from triggering.


Reload Schedule

As Stated in the setup guide, when a new entry has been added to the schedule, the system will not automatically detect the entry. As such we will need to manually reload the schedule, this can be done either by closing and reopening the software (The Schedule reloads every time the software is loaded) or by using the reload function from within the software File Menu. To access this function you need to press the ESC key while within the Software User Interface. You should see a File menu appear in the top Left-Hand corner of the projection area. If this does not appear at first try left-clicking on an empty space of the screen and then press ESC. You should now see the File Option appear. From Here select File and then select Reload Schedule. Nothing will happen but when selected this will cause the schedule to refresh and you should now get the Playlist to trigger when the time set comes. 

Check System VS PC Time

Another common cause for the schedule not triggering will usually be the PC Date & Time having a mismatch with the software's System Time. While within the schedule you will notice there is a Time and date that appears at the top of the Schedule, see the image below for reference. 


This time displays the system clock at the last refresh which will likely be when you initially loaded the software. Unless the Schedule has been reloaded manually, see details of how this is done above. 

Ensure this time is accurate by reloading the schedule and then refreshing the Schedule page. If this appears to be correct now press the Windows Key on the keyboard in order to bring up the Task Bar at the bottom of the projection. Ensure the PC Time as displayed in the bottom right-hand corner is accurate also and lines up with the time within the Software. 



If you find either of these times to be inaccurate this will likely be because one or both have been set to the wrong time timezone. Causing the conflict. To Set the time Zone on the PC this fairly straight forward. Simply right click on the  Time/Date and select Adjust Date/Time.

On the following window you will likely find options as shown below:



If the system is not connected to the Internet it is recommended to leave the Automatic Time and Time Zone disabled, However if the system is networked and has a working internet connection feel free to use these options. You may find that the PC is set to an incorrect Time Zone please set this to the appropriate Time Zone for where you are.

If the System is offline i.e. not connected to the internet, Then after disabling automatic Time and TimeZones you will see the Change button shown above become active. You can then click on this button and set the Time and Date manually according to your local time.

Once this is done you will need to close the Magic Carpet Software and relaunch it for the changes to take effect. Once loaded navigate back to the Schedule and check the correct time frame is now displayed within the Schedule. If this is still showing a mismatch then the Software Timezone will need to be adjusted as well. Please contact our Support Team and someone will talk you through this process over the phone.

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