Replacing Missing Software Files



If you find that when loading the Magic Carpet Software the software appears to get stuck on the initial Pink loading screen. With an error message as shown above appearing behind the loading screen. This is likely a result of some of the software files within the application file structure getting deleted or corrupted accidentally. To avoid this happening we advise following the proper shutdown procedure i.e. shutting down the system using the power icon within the software or ensuring the software is closed prior to initiating a shut down via Windows. We also do not recommend the use of 3rd party Anti Virus / Anti Malware programs as these have a tendency to remove/quarantine files that the registry does not recognise.


If this has happened, however, do not worry as it is fairly straight forward to rectify. Before we start in order to remove the Pink Loading Screen from the centre of the screen/projection we will need to manually end the software background process. To do this right-click on an empty space of the taskbar and select Task Manager. If not already expanded, select More Details on the bottom edge of the Task Manager Window. Once expanded, under Processes and Apps you will likely find one or multiple instances of the Magic Carpet software (Magic Carpet (32 Bit) as shown in the image below, select any that appear and then click on End Task in order close the process and hopefully remove the Pink Loading Screen from prominence at the centre of the screen.




Once that is done we can now proceed with reinstating the missing files. On most systems supplied within the last 2 years, there will be a backup file already on the machine that can be used to reinstate most missing software files. This file will be located in the main software installation folder at the path below:

C:\ Program Files x86 \ MagiccarpetDistribution \  Tools \


Within the Tools folder, you will find a zipped folder called To extract the contents of this zipped file Right Click on it and select Extract All, you will then be greeted with a window to select a Destination Folder. Feel free to use the default that gets applied here which will be within the Tools folder itself.

Once extracted you will now have an MCBackup Folder along with the zipped file within the Tools folder. On completion of the extraction process, Windows Explorer will normally open this Folder on its own for you, presenting you with another MagicCarpetDistribution folder. On opening this folder you will find contents that appear to be much the same as the folder you already have within the C:\Drive, However crucially it will not have any missing files as it has been zipped the entire time. From here simply highlight/select all the files within this folder and right-click on them to Copy.


Once copied to the clipboard you can now navigate back to the main folder for your software: 

C:\ Program Files x86 \ MagiccarpetDistribution


From here simply right-click on an empty area of the  Window and Paste the previously copied Files

Most files will already be present in this folder so you will then be prompted with a Window asking if you would like to skip these files that already exist or Replace them with the new versions. Initially select skip at this point but if after completing this the issue still persists then repeat this process and select replace instead.



Once the files have copied over. Simply restart the PC to see if the issue has been resolved. On reboot, the software should autoload as normal and now not get stuck on the initial Splash Screen. From here please proceed to check the Calibration of the system. If you had to replace the files in the previous step you may have to go back and recalibrate the camera that tracks motion. As the previous settings will have been overwritten. Please find our Guide for how to do that here.

If you are still experiencing issues or this did not work for your system please contact us for further assistance.

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