Reinstalling Capture Card Drivers


During troubleshooting some camera-related technical issues you may find that you will need to re-install the drivers for the camera capture device. Please follow this guide on how to do so:

The first thing to do is close the Magic Carpet software
- Once you are back on the Desktop, Unplug the 2 black USB cables that are going into the back of the PC (Only 1 if Fixed Installation)
- Return to the PC open Windows Explorer (Yellow Folder Icon pinned to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen)
- On the shortcuts to the left select This PC, then Navigate to the C:\ drive > 
- Open the Program Files (x86) folder
- Open the Magic Carpet Distribution folder
- Open the Tools folder
- Open the Climax Digital folder 
- Open the Driver folder
- Double Click the setup application file
- When prompted by installation wizard select Remove/Uninstall 
- When completed the wizard will ask you if you want to Restart the PC, select YES
- Once the PC reboots Close the software again (Ignore any messages that say cannot find camera device or dongle) and then Navigate back to the Climax Digital Folder again as above
- Run the setup application file again and once the installation is done Restart the PC again.
- Whilst the PC is restarting this time you can then reconnect the 2 cables we unplugged earlier
- When the PC reboots and software launches, click on an empty white space on of the screen and then Press ESC 
- You should notice a File Menu has appeared in the top left-hand corner
- Click on the "File" option and Select "Calibration"
- Once within the calibration screen, you should have 3 boxes visible, the main one on the left will have a blue square with numbered corners and hopefully, a live video feed coming from the camera, if not check the camera settings as detailed here.
- If you do have a live video feed then as you walk across the projection area you should see yellow dots appear on the bottom right hand box.
- This indicates the camera is detecting your motion and functioning as expected, at this stage, you can then click OK to save the calibration settings and then launch any app to test this has held.

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