It's hard to find Media! Where can I get it?!

It's all very well creating your own app, but unless you have some pictures or sounds, you can't really go very far.

Finding your own content can be the difficult part. Let's explore some of the easy options and get a little inspiration!

The app creation feature exists solely because we want our own 'personal' apps.

Example 1; You are working with somebody who would benefit from putting themselves right into the app. With the Magic Carpet's app builder, you can take real time photos and build them right into your app! Using your iPhone, iPad or similar device to build your app, simply take a photo and load it into the appropriate media box.

Example 2; Your student/client likes trains. So you'd like to be able to play them an app all about trains. You have two options here. Option one is to prepare some good images before hand. You can do this quite easily using a popular web search engine such as Google. Specifically, Google Images. Pop them on a memory stick and transfer them to the Magic Carpet using one of the USB ports on the system's PC. Sounds also work in exactly the same manner.

Option two is even easier. The system comes complete with its very own Media Library which is visible right at step one of each Template within the app builder. Click on the "Media Library" button as shown below;

This brings up a little preview bar showing the first batch of media within the Media Library. You may search for specific things within the library by clicking on the search option (the little magnifying glass button);


So far you've learnt how to turn on the system, run and stop apps, even create your own. But did you know the Magic Carpet has a mind of its and can run without human intervention.

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