How do I control it?

You're probably wondering how to progress from this point. You may have already even tried to step on one of the buttons on the floor. It doesn't quite work like this. 

To control the system, you'll need a device such as a phone or an iPad. Hopefully, your kind ICT tech has already set this up for you. If he hasn't quite gotten around to it yet, you can get him to take a look at this how to guide.

If you have a suitably configured iPhone, iPad, Android Device or Tablet, simply find the App and press it;


Then you'll see this on your device;


To get started, locate the Favourites icon and press it;



The app will load a new screen, like the one below. Click the first most obvious App, in this case, Football.


This will bring up the Run dialogue. From here, simply press the button that says "Run Football".


Voila! You have an App running! Go on, have a go, don't be apprehensive!

Enjoying the app? Of course you are, but you may have a whole host of questions on your mind. Leave the app running and let's move on.


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