System Calibration is a few simple settings that ensure the Magic Carpet produces optimum response. The process of Calibration is undertaken during the system's factory build. It is unlikely that you will ever need to re-calibrate or adjust these setting, however it can be a handy tool should the system stop responding properly.  

To access Calibration, the software must be running. First make sure that there are no Apps running and press the ESC key. This will bring up a toolbar at the top of the screen, as shown below;


From the File menu option, select Calibration;


This will call up the Calibration window;

You'll see three windows and two settings slider bars.

The first window is named Calibrate Image. This shows us the current Camera Feed status. Here you should see video feed of the current space you are in. Notice the blue box frame that is superimposed over the feed. This box is used to map the projection image area so that the image is contained within it. Take particular notice of the numbers on each corner. The image above shows the order in which they should be laid out, that is 0 at the top right and then clockwise round to 3.

The next window, Calibrated Image, is the result of the settings in the previous window and can be largely ignored for the purposes of general use.

The third window, Interaction Points, outputs the current interaction response.

Over to the left you'll see the settings sliders; Correct Camera Distortion, this should always be set to 0.

And Adjust Sensitivity. This is where it all happens. This setting should be set to anywhere between 3 and 8, but you'll find the optimum value for most environments is 4. 

With the above settings configured, you can test the system interaction simply by moving over the surface and watching the Interaction Points window, which will display yellow dots in the area of motion detected.

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