No Image Displays from Projector

If you have turned on your system, but see no projected image, then there is an input error of some description. The method to correct this depends upon which version of the system you have;


Mobile System

This system has an Optoma X320UST projector installed. First ensure the PC and projector are on. You can do this by observing the power light on the front of each device. If it is on and there's still no image, it is likely that the projector is set to the wrong input channel.

By default, the Mobile Magic Carpet System makes use of the VGA input channel. Using the remote control for the projector, press the button that says VGA, wait for a couple of seconds, and the image should load.



Fixed Installation

This system is installed using the NEC M311X projector. If you have turned on both the PC & Projector, and the Projector displays an image like the one below (image varies depending on the make and model, but all have a version of this) it is likely that a different image source has been selected.

Solving this issue is usually as simple as selecting the correct source from the remote control. All Fixed Magic Carpet systems will be set to display on Computer 1 or Computer 2.

Very occasionally the issue may have a different cause. If someone has accessed the rear of the PC or needed to access the ceiling near the Projector, it is possible that the VGA Cable has been disconnected from the PC or the Projector. Please see articles relating to Magic Carpet component list for more info.

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