No Sound from System

Before proceeding with troubleshooting sound, make sure the PC has not been muted. Try adjusting sound using the Volume up button or try toggling the Mute button on the keyboard. Adjust as required.

If you have the Mobile Magic Carpet System, you will have a Vision Mini Wall Amp.

If you have a fixed installation, your system will be connected to either Vision Mini Wall Amp, Cambridge Audio Audio unit or an existing third party sound system. Locate the amplifier. Ensure it is switched on, is on the correct channel and has an appropriate volume level set.

Vision Mini Wall Amplifier

Ensure Vision Amplifier is on. If not, Press and hold (for a short while) the On button. By default, the amplifier is set to "Input 1". Ensure the correct input source is set by toggling the "Input" Button, and ensure the volume is set to a suitable level. You can tell how high the volume is set by the blue blocks on the screen.


Cambridge Audio Amplifier

If you have a black Cambridge Audio amplifier, make sure the volume knob is turn up sufficiently (but not too high!). Make sure the source selector is set to the correct source. This is usually 'CD' or 'MP3' depending on your setup. If either of these do not work, try slowly selecting each source until the sound comes on. If your system is connected to your own sound setup, check that you have it set correctly.

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