Collections has been on the customer request list for a long time and we are happy to say that we have now implemented this great feature. The idea with Collections is to allow facilitators to create their own named app groups so they can be easily retrieved. This means that you can create a Collection for an individual, class group, time of year or any other reason you can think of. There is no limit to the number of collections that can be made.


Add Apps: Simply click/touch and Drag the app icons from the All apps section at the bottom into the empty collection frame. You can place as many apps as you like into your collection.


Search Apps: The Search icon next to All apps will open an app search bar to make it easy to find specific apps. You can then drag the search result apps into the collection frame.


New Collection:

To create a new Collection, click the pink + icon on the right of the screen. This will open the Collection name window as shown below. Enter your chosen Collection Name and Save.


When you have added apps into a Collection the Collection window will display the four most recently added app icons.


Enter the Collection to see and run the apps you have added. It is possible to add additional apps into a collection by opening the all Apps Modal window as shown below. This is opened by clicking the pink ‘New Application’ button at the top right of the software.


Add more Apps: add Apps to the collection, touch/click the app icons. When selected you will see the tick light up as shown. Select Save & Close when you have finished and the apps will appear in the collection.

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