What is the Magic Carpet?

So, you've just walked into the room and are confronted with what someone has told you is a Magic Carpet. But it doesn't look much like an enchanted hovering Persian rug. So what is it?

The Magic Carpet is an incredibly powerful tool that uses Interactive Projection to engage a wide scope of users in a variety of applications, ranging from relaxing sensory cause and effect, games, to full on learning and educational themes. It even has the ability to test students. Yep, it can test using a wealth of built in Quiz applications.

Still not sure whether this is for you or your students/users? We urge you to have a go. It's fun, engaging and incredibly easy to use, and we;re sure you'' be glad you did.

Even if you are the very example of the term "technophobe", we can get you up and running and using the 500+ wonderful apps that await you on the system.

Let's turn it on!


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