Complete System Overview

The following details the components that make up the Magic Carpet System. If you have a Mobile System, please note that all components are installed within the body of the unit itself and are accessible via the hatch through the back of the unit; see below for further details.


Fixed Install System

A: USB Video Capture Device; enables the analogue video signal from the camera to communicate with the Magic Carpet software

B: Software Licensing Dongle; allows the software to run

C: Audio Cable; provides sound output and is usually plugged into an amplifier or stereo system

D: VGA Cable; carries the image signal from the PC to the Projector

E: IEC Cable; PC power lead

F1: BNC Connector; Camera video feed cable connector

F2: RCA Connector; connects the Camera to the Mains Adaptor 

F3: RCA Mains Adaptor


H: Wireless Keyboard

H1: Wireless Keyboard Dongle

I: Projector

J: Camera

K: Mirror; used to direct the image to the floor

L: IEC Cable; Projector power


Mobile Unit

While the The Mobile Magic Carpet System has some minor inherent differences in construction, it contains the main vital components of importance as listed above. So you may refer to the above list when considering system components.

Everything is contained within the body of the unit and is accessible via the rear door and an internal hatch inside*;


A) The main components are accessed via the rear door, which is wither a lock and key or wing nut style latch system.


B) Use the two finger holes to hold panel.

C) Undo the two plastic screws to release the hatch and access the inner compartment. The two finger holes (B) help to steady the panel and stop it from dropping once the screws are fully undone.


The inside of the upper and lower compartments. The lower compartment containing the PC, and the upper compartment containing all other crucial components.

*Accessing the inside of the system should be avoided unless instructed to do so by a Sensory Guru Support Technician.

Components shown at the time of print may vary in make and model and therefore appearance due to the technology available at the time. However, they are essentially the same components and with the exception of some minor difference will work in the same way

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