System not responding to movement

There may be several reasons why the Magic Carpet system stops responding or acts erratically to movement.

The most likely reason is that there is a Camera connection issue. The first thing to check is Calibration. This is an option within the hidden menu inside the software.

To access it, make sure there are no Apps playing and press the ESC key while the software is running. This will bring up a toolbar at the top of the screen, as shown below;


From the File menu option, select Calibration;


This will call up the Calibration window;

 This shows you the current state of the Camera feed. If there is no Camera feed displayed in the top left box (the screen is black), then a disconnected Camera is the cause. Please see the following two articles for steps on how to resolve this;

Camera Power Connection

Video Capture Device Connection

If all connections are secure and you still cannot see any video feed in the top left box, or you are getting a static picture rather than video, then see the guide below on reinstalling the capture card drivers:

Reinstalling Capture Card Drivers


In rare circumstances the camera settings may have changed, please see this useful article on how to restore them.

If the Camera is quite clearly active, the next thing to do will be to check the Sensitivity setting within Calibration. For most environments, the sensitivity should be set to 4 for Mobile Systems and 6 for Fixed Systems. If it is set close to 1 then the interaction will be detected very easily meaning you will likely experience erratically moving objects when running apps. At the other end of the scale, if the sensitivity is set too far up the scale (towards 80) you may experience no interaction at all.

If you are experiencing intermittent interaction and the Camera and settings are in order, check the environment. For example; an open blind allowing direct sunlight onto the projection surface may affect interactivity. Also, check that the camera lens is clean and there is nothing obstructing or moving around it.

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