Debugging the Camera (Using Amcap)

Amcap is a program we use to configure a camera connected via composite connection. For example; the cameras used by the Magic Carpet or Magic Mirror systems. Amcap can be opened by double clicking the Desktop shortcut icon if one has been created. If there is no shortcut icon, you can find Amcap here: C:\Program Files\Magic Carpet\tools\

Once open you will be presented with the main interface. Note, that if the camera is plugged in and set up correctly, you will see the camera image. If not, then there will be either a complete black or white image instead.


Locate the "Options" menu at the top:


The Options menu contains some further options: "Video Capture Filter", Video Capture Pin" and depending on what version of the software you are running, you may have "Video Crossbar":


Let's go through the correct settings.

From the Options menu, select "Video Capture Filter". Look at the Video Decoder tab and make sure the Video Standard option is set to "PAL_B". Click "Apply" and then "Ok" to exit.


Next, select "Video Capture Pin". Video Standard should automatically be set to "PAL_B" having just set that in the capture filter panel. Set the Frame Rate to "25.000" and Make sure the Output Size is set to "704 x 576". Click "Apply" and then "OK" to exit.


Finally, (if your version shows it) select "Video Crossbar". In the first section, Input, select "1: Video Composite In". Click "Apply" and then "OK" to exit.


If your camera is correctly connected and powered, with these settings, you should now see an image in Amcap.

Close Amcap.


Note: Make sure Amcap is correctly configured and CLOSED before starting the Magic Carpet software. There will be a conflict and subsequent error message if trying to run the Magic Carpet and Amcap together.

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