Building an App

Here we have detailed the process of creating an App using the Scatter Template. This process is the same for every Template so the information provided here is universal. The only differences will be the number of media assets required and behaviour of editable parameters.


Step 1: info about the Template – when you are ready move on click Upload Files.


Step 2: Upload files by dragging and dropping from you PC into the ‘Drag files in Here’ box or by using the Select Files button to open the image browser on your PC, as shown below. The software will automatically resize images to the optimum size.


Step 3: Select media assets from the media library. Click the Media Library button to open the Media Library. To select an image or sound simply drag it to the media placeholder boxes. Scatter requires a Background Image, Foreground Scatter Image and a Sound. The image will fill the placeholder box when inserted, as shown below.


Step 4: Game Setup. Here you can adjust the parameters to alter the behaviour of your app. For a more detailed explanation of each parameter slider click on the information icon. Game Setup parameters are different for each template.


Step 5: Save Application. Before you test your app you need to save it, give it a name, description and select a category for it. The app name, category and description can be amended later on once the app has been published.


Step 6: Publish Application. To preview your app simply click the ‘Send Test Run to Server’ button. Your app will now be running on the Magic Carpet system. If you would like to modify your media or parameters you can move back to the required step by clicking the links. Publish to Applications button will publish your app on the system. You can find your published apps in My Applications.


My Applications - Browse to My Applications to locate all of the apps you have created on your system. To run the app click on the icon and the standard app launch window will appear showing your description and category links.


To edit your app click the edit button in the black bar on the app icon. As shown below, here you can choose an image for your app and edit the name, description and categorisation.


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