Playlists allow you to create lists of apps that can be scheduled by Magic Carpet to play automatically. This feature is great for environments where facilitator intervention is not possible, such as Children’s Play Centres, Trampoline Parks or Commercial Installations.


Playlists are very similar to Collections in that they are essentially groups of apps. As with Collections you only need drag apps from the all apps section at the bottom into your Playlist.


To create a new Playlist click the pink New Playlist button on the top right of the software. Here you can name your Playlist, provide a description and set the run status and repeat options. Click Save to begin adding your apps.


When you have added apps to your Playlist, enter the Playlist so you can set timings and arrange the order of your apps. Click the move handles (next to the delete action) to move apps up and down in the playlist.


Alter the duration that each app plays for by clicking on the runtime numerical field. This will determine the timeframe that each app runs for before moving on to the next app in the list.

When the Playlist has been arranged to your requirements you can select the Playlist in the Schedule. See following page for Schedule.

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